The patented SINT&MILL system is an integrated, efficient and flawless tool allowing to fully exploit the potential of SISMA MYSINT 100 3D printers to make implant connections on abutments, Toronto structures and bars produced using LMF 3D printing technology in cobalt chrome and titanium.


The kit consists of:

  • Startup tools

  • File generation software

  • User license

  • On site training

The SINT&MILL system is the link between the semi-finished product created in 3D printing and the subsequent precision milling phase. SINT&MILL creates a perfect overlap between the file intended for the 3D printer and the file intended for the milling machine as early as the design phase, thus achieving the perfect fit between the two. The final and tangible result of this patented innovation is the absolute correspondence of the implant connection with the planned architecture in the digital design phase.



It is the ideal complementary solution for MYSINT 100 for both beginners and advanced users. It is compatible with most dental drills on the market and it allows to generate all most commonly used dental connections.



The SINT&MILL solution reduces the required milling time by more than 50% compared to corresponding solid machining, which is also economically preferable since it increases the service life of the cutters by up to 4 times.



The patented centering system makes it possible to position the structure inside the milling machine in a simple and intuitive way. This allows to faithfully orient the model identified during the digital design in reality, ensuring the highest standards of precision and accuracy.






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