Our range of 3D laser printers dedicated to the world of precious metals

MYSINT is the family of SISMA 3D printers employing selective laser fusion technology of a metal powder bed - Laser Metal Fusion.


EVEMET completes the latest generation of 3D printers offered by SISMA and is part of a larger project that pursues a unique and specialized direction, in order to generate added value for its users.


MYSINT 3D printers are avant-garde production solutions, representing the current most advanced technology on the market for the production of three-dimensional metal artefacts. They guarantee the highest standards both in terms of process monitoring, since the operating parameters are displayed during the process and made available as a final summary, and in the monitoring of the melting bed, where the joint use of video cameras and software allow to check the fusion quality and process stability instantly.


MYSINT 100, in particular, is able to offer maximum efficiency in terms of material use. Unused metal dust is fully recovered because of the watertight working chamber, the machine architecture and the dedicated fuel filter.

Software and hardware solutions are implemented to optimize and reduce the amount of dust needed to produce each piece. The software can dynamically determine the optimal amount of powder needed to ensure perfect deposition at each layer. The construction cylinders are removable, interchangeable and available in different diameters. They can be used differently depending on the material, the size and the number of pieces that will be made. By creating a one-piece custom jewel or by trying out a new material, users can switch from the standard 100 mm platform to the smaller 34.5 mm set and reduce the amount of material loaded, while taking advantage of the accuracy of a reduced spot laser (30 μm). Open parameters also allow users to experiment. SISMA has already achieved particularly significant results with precious metals such as white and red gold, silver and platinum.





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