Our range of 3D laser printers customized for the medical sector.

MYSINT is the family of SISMA 3D printers employing selective laser fusion technology of a metal powder bed - Laser Metal Fusion.

EVEMET completes the latest generation of 3D printers offered by SISMA and is part of a larger project that pursues a unique and specialized direction, in order to generate added value for its users.


MYSINT 3D printers are avant-garde production solutions, representing the current most advanced technology on the market for the production of three-dimensional metal artefacts. They guarantee the highest standards both in terms of process monitoring, since the operating parameters are displayed during the process and made available as a final summary, and in the monitoring of the melting bed, where the joint use of video cameras and software allow to check the fusion quality and process stability instantly.

The MYSINT and EVEMET lines allow the production of standard medical systems using additive technology, saving on raw materials compared to traditional technologies, or individual systems starting from digital data acquired on the patient, while optimizing element design. MYSINT's and EVEMET's high resolution allows the realization of highly functional trabecular structures that are able to optimize the osteointegration phenomena on the implants. The possibility of exploiting a Dual Laser system with a total overlap of lasers offers very high productivity, ensuring excellent quality. The MYSINT and EVEMET lines offer a range of compatible materials among the best performing on the market, also including biocompatible and certified materials. The inerting system makes it possible to use reactive materials, such as titanium alloys, in a totally safe manner, while guaranteeing optimal results. In fact, thanks to the high-precision oxygen sensors and the patented gas flow system, the levels of oxidation in the parts produced in MYSINT and EVEMET are reduced to a minimum.



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