EVEMET MULTIPLO, the multifunctional metal powder treatment station for 3D printing.
The EVEMET MULTIPLO station is a brand-new accessory, which is compatible with the EVEMET 200 and MYSINT 300 models. It allows the autonomous operation of the metal powder management cycle, while taking full advantage of a quality control system without compromises: the metal powder can be handled in a totally inert environment, and any direct contact with the operator and contamination from outside is avoided.
This system automatically sieves the metal powder from the EVEMET 200 and MYSINT 300 recovery cylinder or from new cans by means of high-capacity ultrasonic vibrations.

1. The various parameters can be selected on the touch screen control panel, depending on the material loaded.
EVEMET MULTIPLO uses an internal scale to autonomously manage the set quantity of powder to be sieved. After starting the process, it runs without the need of supervision until the indicated weight has been reached.

2. EVEMET MULTIPLO is available in versions with working chambers with inert or standard atmospheres, in both cases with or without a glovebox for handling reactive substances.

The 3D printed object can be cleaned with inert gas in a space that is
shielded from the outside, and in a manner which is completely safe for the operator. It is also extremely easy and quick to clean if a different material needs to be used.


3. The system’s extreme versatility allows to adapt to multiple work scenarios. From the regeneration of the recovered powder to the qualitative validation of the new powder, in a safe way both for the environment and the operator.


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